JGX Media Center, G-Plex

JGX Media Center, G-Plex

JGX Media Center (G-Plex) is a multi-cultural content space that combines broadcasting, entertainment and media.
G-Plex is scheduled to open in Shanghai, Bangkok, Thailand and Sydney, Australia, starting with the flagship center in Korea, which is scheduled to open at some floors in the second half of 2019.

  It will be a charge for producing and sending out all JGX media contents and will be a cultural content factory that represents the country in cooperation with all entertainment companies, media partners and distribution partners related to JGX.

Korea’s No. 1 JGX Media Center is located at the iwha Station, one of the main commercial areas of Seoul City, and is scheduled to be established in the space of approximately 23,140.50㎡ at the 11th floor (B2 – 9F) in total.

There are outdoor performance places that can accommodate 3,000 people, and it consists of areas where various performances and events are possible. On the outer wall of the current building, G – Smart Global ‘s Media Façade has invested 3 billion construction fee, and it is installed, and all the performances and events that will make forward with the partners will be vividly You can view it on the screen.

The first floor to the third floor has a total construction cost of 9 billion won, and the construction has been completed. The building is partially opened with ‘Urban Alice’. The first floor is the Gallery café lounge. The second floor is the private restaurant, the third floor is a library with a book cafe, a private study room, and a lecture hall. Some floors are free to open in the second half of 2019, and all floors will be completed by 2019.

JGX Media Center will be composed of JGX partner G-Plex TV’s open studio, broadcasting production room, one-media / home shopping station for influencers such as Yu-Tuber and Wang Hong. Various performances and events that are making together with the Korean youth establishment network prism are being executed. The “2018 All Together Asia Awards Party” was held on July 2, 2018, and the “2018 Russia World Cup Street Cheering Exhibition” was held on June 17 and 18.
In the future, it will be renewed to JGX Media Center, and more cultural contents will be performed. It will be broadcasted to about 20 countries simultaneously through G-Plex TV.

  In addition, GX Blockchain R & D Center and Academy have conducted research and education on all technologies related to block chains, that will be publicized to the public through the media.

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