Present status of the GX-Exchange in the Philippines and public relations sketch

Present status of the GX-Exchange in the Philippines and public relations sketch

JGX began full-fledged public relations in the Philippines.
The Philippines is the Blue Ocean of the cryptocurrency in which overseas workers who staying abroad have more than 10 million people and their domestic families need a remittance as a necessity for the cryptocurrency.

In keeping pace with this, JGX is preparing to open GX Exchange Philippines in the emerging market, the Philippines. Construction of a GX-EX offline office is in progress at the Philippine capital Manila Quezon City.

GX Exchange Platform UI in the midst of Open Preparation

GX-EX Local staff in the Philippines

GX-EX, Philippine Off-line Office (Manila Quezon City) Construction Site

In addition, JGX began to publicize in the Philippines as the main sponsor of “Michael Angelo The Sitcom”, a signboard program of Philippine’s two major terrestrial broadcasting stations GMA.
Michael Angelo F. Lobrin, the top star of “Michael Angelo The Sitcom”, is a top-notch comedian and producer who is so hard worker that it has a long-run program that names on himself up to season 12.
In the future JGX’s various G-Plex Platform and products that will be on the platform will be released as “PPL” at “Michael Angelo The Sitcom”, and will be introduced to highly loyal audiences and many people.

Philippine’s largest station GMA

GMA’s signature program “Michael Angelo The Sitcom”

Left) Filipino actor Leo H., Chairman of Galaxy On-line Casino, right) JGX Chairman Edward Shin, Philippine Senator Danilo V. Roleda

“Michal Angelo The Sitcom” PPL – JGX Store

“Michal Angelo The Sitcom” JGX CEO Rachel Youn,
who is invited as a VIP to the studio, chairman Edward Shin.

The first product in the JGX platform to be launch in the Philippines is the oozoo mask pack that partner of the JGX. You will soon enjoy the refreshing experience of purchasing in JGX even in the Philippines. (jgx and the oozoo Moa signed

Also, Michael Angelo and all the entertainers of its affiliated offices, who have tens of millions of followers, will actively promote JGX and GX-EX in the future, and through the media, the impact of JGX in the Philippines and Southeast Asia I will inform you widely.